The Sunbeam 44 is made by the Austrian boat builder Schöchl Yachtbau. The boat is a
sturdy bluewater yacht, which resembles its Swedish competitors Halberg Rassy and
Najad, not only in appearance, but also in quality. Sunbeam 44 production started in 1995
and the last 44-foot boat was made a few years ago. Over 50 boats were manufactured in
total. This 44-foot design was followed in production by the very similar Sunbeam 42.

The hull of the Sunbeam 44 is very strong and rigid, e.g. due to the special steel frame
inside the boat's hull. The keel of the boat is also bolted to the steel frame, which reinforces
the whole hull. The hull is completely hand-laminated and the connection between the hull
and the deck is laminated. The Isophthalic resin used provides better protection against
osmosis. The upper part of the keel is rigid steel and the lower part has a massive lead
bulb. The entire keel and the bolt connection between the keel and the hull are additionally
laminated on the outside, which makes the keel structure very durable, seamless and easy
to maintain. Sunbeam's hull is well thermally insulated and the interior air stays dry due to
low condensation.

Belle amie has been in Crete, Marina of Agios Nikolaos for three years.
AgNik Marina is a city-run and therefore reasonably priced, but well
maintained and safe marina. The location of the marina is in the heart of a
small town, where all services can be found nearby. There is a large
liveaboard community here, consisting of boaters from all over the world,
many of whom live on the boat permanently. However, there is a long queue to this

Marina, because this is one of the most popular Marinas in the Aegean Sea.

Belle amie has an annual spot in the Marina and it has been paid for until the
end of September 2023. It would be easy to start your retirement days here,
sailing in the best waters of the Med and even living on a boat all year round if
you wish..
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